Global Learning: The Primary Source Approach (BBGC101)
Global Learning: The Primary Source Approach (BBGC101)
What is global learning? To function in our interdependent world, students need to think about the world in new ways. Global learning provides the necessary tools for thinking about and engaging with the world. In this course, created especially...
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Globalization (BBGC102)
Globalization (BBGC102)
The impetus for global learning stems, in part, from the reality that the world has become increasingly more interconnected. Globalization, the integration of economic, political, and other systems and the movement of peoples and goods across...
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Global Citizenship Skills for Today's World (BBGC103)
Global Citizenship Skills for Today's World (BBGC103)
What does it mean to live in an increasingly globalized world? This course explores the different dimensions of global citizenship and introduces approaches to support students as they develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions to...
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Global Competency through the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (BBGC104)
Global Competency through the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (BBGC104)
In September 2015, 193 nations committed to the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development, a 15-year agenda to transform global development in a manner prioritizing the well-being of all people and the planet, ensuring equitable...
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Becoming Culturally Responsive (BBGC105)
Becoming Culturally Responsive (BBGC105)
Our communities and classrooms are diverse, pluralistic societies representing various cultural practices from multiple world regions and backgrounds. Successful school experiences are dependent upon educators who can recognize and understand...
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Connecting with the World (BBGC106)
Connecting with the World (BBGC106)
Global learners and citizens connect to the world and seek authentic voices to deepen their understandings of global issues, events, cultures, and experiences. This course explores different ways to make global connections in the classroom...
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